roofing damage, material, roof leaks, property

With any roofing damage no matter what type of roof it is or what kind of material has been used, if you have got any roof leaks, no matter how small, then your property has got a problem that requires attention.

  • Storm damage often causes roofing slates, ridges or tiles to slip or blow-off, dislodging of materials and reduced wind uplift resistance is also a very common cause of damage to the roof of your property.
  • Leaks are not the only problem that can result from old materials and storm damage. Torch-on and hot bituminous roofs where the lead or zinc flashings are poorly attached can experience open seams, ultimately cause leakages that may not be detected due to the fact that the damage is hidden from sight.
  • Poor and unsatisfactory workmanship, faulty roof and gutter installations will dramatically increases the risk of problems occuring and reduces a roofs life expectancy, regardless of the type of roof.
  • Lack of maintenance can lead to an increase in financial costs for the necessary repairs to be carried out. Being wise to problems early can prevent their escalation.
  • Specific levels of maintenance are required to prevent further damage, a simple repair such as replacing a few tiles or slates, or cleaning your gutters out at regular intervals (once a year) will prevent sagging and water penetration.

roofing damage, material, roof leaks, property

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