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The British weather is well known for its unpredictability, and high winds, heavy rain and outbreaks of sunshine can take its toll on any property. Although it's best to check your home for repairs all year round, you should at least do it before the winter sets in as by then it could be too late to make repairs.

UPVC guttering, cladding, Fascia Boards, barge boards and soffits should all be checked for blockages and damage at regular intervals if you don't want to be faced with having to call out an emergency builder which will end up costing you a lot of money.

UPVC fascias and soffits are necessary to protect your home as they shield the roof rafters and joists from the unforgiving British weather. If you don't pay sufficient attention to the condition of your Fascia Boards and soffit, then you could be facing structural damage to the unseen roof perimeter. Looking up at the roof from ground level it isn't always easy to see how extensive the problem may be.

When looking at fascia's and soffits it often look as though they simply need a new coat of paint, however once you get up onto the roof then the damage can be seen more clearly. If they're beyond repair and need to be replaced you can hire a company to do this for you, or do it yourself if you know something about house repairs and consider yourself a DIY expert.

High winds can easily dislodge leaves and debris causing it to end up littering your garden and blocking your gutters and drainpipes. Then, once the rains arrive the water can't get past the blockage and ends up running down the side of your property causing stains, and unsightly marks. Not only that but heavy rains over a period of time can also lead to issues with your barge boards, fascia board, cladding and replacement soffits.

Lots of properties still retain their original Fascia Boards, gutters and soffits as they are generally designed to last for years. They do need maintenance however and their exposed position to the elements eventually leads to damage and necessary repairs.

If your home still has its original fascias and soffits then the likelihood is that they are manufactured from wood, once the paintwork or varnish is damaged on wood, it leads to cracks and splits, then becomes warped and eventually rots.

Choosing PVC-u fascias, gutters and soffits for your roofing requirements can resolve all these problems as they offer a low-maintenance option with no painting or varnishing required. They are extremely durable, able to withstand the harshest of winters for many years, and work out highly cost efficient over the long term.

Available in standard colours, white finish, brown and black options, PVC-u soffits and bargeboards also come in cream, golden oak, rosewood and mahogany.

You can find a range of soffits that perfectly complement a fascia board and give your roof-line a very attractive, clean finish. Opting for standard utility boards, vented boards or lightweight hollow soffit boards is advised, because new installations are fairly easy to fit and require a minimal amount of maintenance.

Stylish replacement soffits will enhance any home and are fully compatible with fascia systems for an exact color match. Colors can also be precisely matched to window and door systems too.

Soffit styles incorporate built-in ventilation slots to ensure your loft is well ventilated at all times, preventing common damp problems and protecting the roofs rafters from rot. However old your property, whether it's a new build, a 150 year old farmhouse or a modern town house, you can find a maintenance free solution on-line to suit both your budget and your needs.

If you consider yourself something of a DIY expert and are intending on carrying out the work yourself, then ensure you take due care. Any work at such a height entails you take all the necessary precautions including suitable scaffolding.

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